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In order to use the RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services you agree that NOT any personal data will be send on feedback's but some windows settings and some project variables that will help the project to fix or improve some functions on next releases, also by this license if any code or any file/folder will be modified/moved/renamed/deleted the terms are NOT allowing anymore the usage of this project and sending an silence report to the owner that was an project rip, also this project does NOT having any fault if your system got an problem/crash because this project does NOT changing or effecting any function on your system, by using the services you also agree with followings licenses too, if you are NOT agree with the RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services license or with followings licenses please exit if you running the bot services now.


mIRC license and privacy

DCX license

cURL license

RaRLab license

Streams licence


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