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WESTOR Module Manager
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- WESTOR Module Manager -


This manager is going to make your client or your Bot a bit more customable in order to install your own module easy just with ONE CLICK, the manager also gives you the ability to unistall an already installed module or also to re-install it, also the most powerfull think that this manager has is to checking for any available modules that are in the modules list if anyone of them want an update and place them into the list in order you can easy by pressing the Update button to update it into the latest version, it's one of the most important and one of the most wanted tools for your client, also it is multi-language supported as all of the modules that will be into the list and also you can add your own language or send to me your translated language to include it into the next release, also each of the modules that is into the list has an build-in settings window in order to setup or change any available setting that the module support it, if you have found any bug or you have a new feature or you want your own module to be included into this module manager just contact me at this page.

- Enjoy!






  1. Added an button under the project settings to help you uninstall completely the currently using project.
  2. Added an loading count number when loading the list of the supported modules.
  3. Fixed some minor issues.
  4. Fixed an security bug that could execute an bad code.



Version: 4.4

Created on: 11/11/2017

File Code Source (FCS): here

Supported WMM Modules: here

Supported Languages: English - Greek

Supported Operating Systems: Vista - 7 - 8 - 8.1 - 10

Supported Programs: mIRC 7.49+ or AdiIRC 2.9+

Size: 139,46KB


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