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DCX - v3.0
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The DCX.dll (Dialog Control Extension) dll is the first rating dll that can modify any mIRC Dialog with some commands that is include in the download file these commands are hard for using excepts the mIRC expert scripters, if you try to create something manually you will be very confused about how to do it. You can change or add the text color,font,style,text size,color buttons, color combos and more.. Visit the DCX website to view more details about the DCX.dll and more builds..

There is an DCX Studio 1.4 created for making the dialogs and the items more beautiful and helping you creating dcx parts, you can download this from here


Forums: here
Tutorial: here

Author: Ook
Changelog: Not available!
Version: 3.1-11-g2edc851

Size: 644,18KB




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